Black Spot Remover on Indian stone, natural stone and man-made paving

Black Spot Remover on Indian stone, natural stone and man-made paving

By Phil Egan – Swiss Seal

Here we talk about Black Spot, which is fungi, algae, and/or mold. They can tend to grow in damp or shady conditions or where there are a lot of trees or foliage. Most people will come across this especially if you leave your garden too long before a good clean-up. Over time, the fungi send out tendrils (hyphae) that seek nutrients from the minerals in the stone. Gradually, the fungi spread, and the spot becomes harder to remove. This becomes more of an issue with substrates that have larger pores such as Indian Stone and Sandstone. Here are several ways that may remove Black Spot.

  1. Pressure/Jet-Washing – This will work as a surface clean predominantly and will not last for long. This will get rid of surface stain and bring the colour back, but it will not get rid of stubborn stains (Black Spot)
  2. Steam Cleaning, Low Pressure – Again like the pressure wash it will remove the surface grimes and easier or newer black spot but again will struggle with the ingrained / older black spot
  3. Chemical Clean products – There are a lot of products on the market that claim to remove/kill all types of algae, fungi and mold but quite a lot of these products are acid based and never tested in the right environments to get the best outcome. A lot of these acid-based products will look like they have done a great job but the damage especially to the more porous substrates will do more damage than good. There are very few products that does what it says on the tin, so to speak. You only find this out when you have paid a considerable sum and tried it.

We at Swiss-seal as mentioned have several products at our disposal and one of those products is Shift-It Black Spot Remover which has been tested and proved to work on concrete, natural, Indian, stone, and bricks. We will explain how this is to be used with our sealer range.

Application – Use Neat as supplied.

Always test a small area before used to ensure compatibility and that the finish is acceptable. This 5 litre of Black Spot Remover will treat approximately 25 square metres,

The surface should be clean. Remove loose dirt, moss, and other debris from the surface to be treated.

We recommend cleaning with our Shift-It Black Spot Remover

Do not use in wet weather or when rain is imminent.

Apply product to a damp (not wet) surface with a soft brush or medium pile roller.

Clean brushes, rollers immediately after use with soapy water.

Leave for 24 hours before lightly pressure washing the area with cold clean water.

Keep pets away until the surface is fully dry

This process is available on our website and the application document is on this site at Shift-It Black Spot Remover Process.

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