Artificial Grass Cleaner and Sanitiser 5 Litres


  • Cleans, deodorises and fragrances
  • Can be used on all types of all artificial grass including tennis courts, artificial bowling greens and synthetic lawns.
  • Ideal for homes with dogs and other pets, this artificial grass cleaner gets to work straight away, destroying odours and leaving behind a lovely Freshly Cut Grass fragrance!
  • Shift-It Artificial Grass Cleaner and Sanitiser is pet and child friendly once dry. 
  • Easily applied with a watering can or manual pump sprayer
  • Dilute product with water to a maximum of:- 1 part Shift-It Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser to 5 Parts cold clean water.
  • Can be used neat in heavily soiled areas. Avoid use around ponds. Harmful to aquatics.
  • 5 litres treats up to 125 square metres


Application Details
Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet