Save Money – Revive Your Old Tarmac

Save Money – Revive Your Old Tarmac

When considering whether to resurface or replace your tarmac driveway, it is important to weigh up the costs for each option. Resurfacing your tarmac driveway usually involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface, which is a much cheaper solution than replacing your entire tarmac drive.

Why should you restore rather than replace the tarmac?

Here at Swiss Seal, we believe you should restore rather than replace the tarmac, as replacing an aged tarmac drive requires excavation and removal of the old asphalt before laying down new material. Replacing is much more costly than restoring the tarmac drive, but it will ensure you have a strong and durable surface for years to come. 

The most common problem with the surface of the tarmac is cracks, and the summer heat as it can cause the tarmac surface to fade, soften, and become more vulnerable to damage. If the surface has suffered severe damage like this, then you might have no other option than to replace the existing driveway, but ideally, you should be looking to restore your driveway. 

Is tarmac restorer any good?

Tarmac restorer is a cost-effective surface coating specially formulated to transform old tarmac look like new and how it looked when it was initially installed. Tarmac restorer provides a durable, low-sheen finish that protects the driveway tarmac from weathering, oil and petrol spills, and weed growth.

Here at Swiss Seal, we stock a range of the best tarmac restorers and cleaners. Depending on the age of the tarmac you will either apply one or two coats. Older and more porous drives or patios a second coat is usually applied as above to give it the shine and lustre it needs.

If you decide to apply two coats, you will need to allow 2 – 4 hours between coats, and once you are happy with the surface, you should leave it for at least 4 hours to walk and 24 hours to drive on.

How long does the tarmac restorer last?

There are a number of factors to consider regarding the duration of a tarmac renovator. Our tarmac restorers will usually last for around 2.5 – 3 years before the surface needs resealing again. However, your average tarmac restorer will last approximately 1-2 years before the surface needs resealing again.


We hope this blog has helped you gain a better understanding of why you should choose to revive your original surface instead of completely replacing your tarmac. Contact our specialist team if you would like to learn more about how you can keep your tarmac driveway looking fresh. 

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