Matt vs Wet Look Patio Sealer: What’s the best choice for your patio?

Matt vs Wet Look Patio Sealer: What’s the best choice for your patio?

When it comes to choosing the best sealer for your patio, you have two great options: water-based and solvent-based sealers. Water-based sealers usually offer a natural, matte finish, while solvent-based sealers leave a glossy, wet-look finish to your patio. Both water-based and solvent-based sealers offer different benefits, so it’s important to understand the differences between them in order to make the best decision. 

Matt Sealer

Matt sealers provide a subtle and elegant look, making them the perfect choice for people looking to preserve the natural appearance of their patios while adding a layer of protection against the elements. This type of sealer is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural and understated finish. Matt sealers are a good choice for patios that receive a lot of foot traffic as they provide a slip-resistant surface and can be easily applied. 

Wet Look Sealer

A wet-look patio sealer offers a glossy finish to patios, making them more slip-resistant and creating a stunning visual effect. It is a type of acrylic sealer that dries down to a clear, gloss finish that darkens and enhances the colour of your surface to create a ‘wet look’. 

The Swiss Seal Patio Sealer Renovator is suitable for all patio surfaces, including imprinted concrete, block paving and stone, and is one of our most popular patio sealers. This patio sealer leaves a glossy, wet-look finish to the surface it is applied to and is solvent-based.


There are many factors you need to take on board before choosing your sealer, with the first being durability. Both matt and wet-look sealers are designed to provide protection for your patio against the elements and to prevent fading. Out of both options, wet-look sealers tend to be more durable, as they contain UV inhibitors that prevent the sun from damaging the surface.


Maintenance is another key factor customers must consider. Matt sealers are much easier to maintain compared to wet-look sealers. Matt sealers don’t show scratches or stains as easily and are more resistant to dirt and grime. Whereas wet look sealers require more maintenance as they are more prone to showing scratches and can be difficult to clean if they become dirty.


Wet-look sealers tend to be much more expensive compared to matt sealers. This is due to the higher quality of materials used and the enhanced visual effect they provide.


Here at Swiss Seal, we believe the choice between Matt and Wet Look patio sealers mostly depends on your personal preferences and needs. Matt sealers are great for those who want a natural, understated look, while Wet Look sealers are perfect for those who want to enhance the appearance of the patio. Regardless of which option you choose, both Matt and Wet Look sealers will protect your patio and help to keep it looking great for years to come.  

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