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 We are a UK based manufacturer of high quality cleaning agents, sealers and protectors for all types of walls and floors expertly developed, by our chartered chemists,to lovingly restore and protect your external surfaces.We also sell a large range of Eco-Friendly sealers, tarmac renovators,jointing compounds and Ecogrid.

We are currently fully stocked with all products.

Block Paving Slider
Block Paving and Patio Sealers

A Range of Solvent, Water and Eco-Based Acrylic
Block Paving Sealers
Clear ImprintedSealer Slider
High Solids Clear Imprinted Sealer Renovator Products
A Quality Range of Clear Strong Imprinted Driveway/Patio Sealers
in Gloss or Satin Finish with Anti-Slip
Stone, Brick and Slate Slide Natural, Indian, Slate and Granite Stone, Brick, Concrete Paving Sealers and Cleaners A Wide Range of sealers and Cleaners for all Garden, Patio and Driveways substrates High Solids Tinted Sealer Slide A Choice of 15 different colours in a Gloss or Satin Finish with Anti- Slip A Large Range of Coloured/Tinted High Solids
Imprinted Concrete Sealer Renovator Products
Cleaners Slide
A Large Range of Cleaning Products for all Garden, Patio,
Driveways Surfaces
A Quality Range of Cleaning Products for the Block Paving, Imprinted Concrete, Natural, Indian and Granite/Slate Stone, Brick, Concrete, Decking and Artificial Grass
Jointing Products Slide A Choice of a couple of Jointing
Options either as a wet and fill
or a two part Resin and Sand
Paving and Block
Jointing Products
Eco-Grid Slider ECO-GRID The universal grid for a permeable ground
Ideal as a hard standing for driveways, garages and sheds

Application Tools



Jointing Compounds


Coloured Sealers



We are a UK based manufacturers of cleaning agents, moss and mould removers and sealers for block paving, Indian stone, natural stone, tarmac, concrete paving and imprinted concrete.


All types of driveway and patio surfaces benefit from surface sealers. All concrete flooring systems that are factory produced or laid in-situ need to be protected against oil, dirt, grease, moss and weeds.


Swiss-Seal Block Paving Sealer and Concrete Sealers have many uses. They reduce the wear of the concrete, prevent water ingress into the surface, stop the loss of the colour on the surface of imprinted concrete and stop the growth of algae and weeds in the joints of block paving or patio slabs.


Swiss-Seal sealers protect wet concrete and block paving against frost thus stopping eventual surface flaking of the concrete.


Swiss-Seal Block paving, Imprinted Concrete and Patio sealers also stop contamination from car fuel, diesel oil and engine oil from staining the concrete surface. Our sealers also can have the added benefit of making the surface anti-slip.


Swiss-Seal now sell a range of water based eco-friendly acrylic, polyurethane and fluoro-polymer based products to compliment our current extensive range of solvent based sealers.