Driveway and Patio Jointing Mixture

Indian Stone Jointing Mixture

Our range of specialist all weather paving joint compounds


Here at Swiss-Seal, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality, specialist paving joint compounds and jointing mortars that can be used on most types of hard surfaces such as concrete driveways, patios, and floors. Our jointing compounds are formulated to provide a professional, long-lasting solution to all your paving joint projects. Don’t be taken in by less expensive alternatives to our paying joint compounds which won’t give you the long-lasting protection you get from Swiss-Seal jointing compounds, patio sealers, or driveway cleaning solutions.


Our Indian Stone Jointing Mixture, which is available in a 20KG tub, is the all-weather paving joint compound chosen and preferred by professionals looking for a reliable, durable jointing mortar. It can be used in wet conditions and come rain or shine it goes in fine. This jointing mortar is ready to use and simple to apply and being so easy to use is ideal for professional or DIY use. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the other paving joint mortars on the market.

Stone Jointing Mixture

Another of our popular paving joint compounds is the Resiply two-part resin mix jointing compound which is available in 25kg containers.


The two-part resin mix jointing compound is a quick, easy to apply, clean, durable, tough, and convenient solution to professionally joint or point paving stones of all varieties. If you would like more information regarding its suitability to any specific stone or flag type, just give us a call. The unique formulation of flexible polymers provides a tough, hard wearing, colour enhancing, flexible and professional finish without some of the trouble of conventional mortars. This jointing compound is suitable for use with Indian stone, cobbles and budget paving and is available from us here at Swiss-Seal in natural, basalt blend-grey and black patio grout. And don’t forget, Resiply paving jointing products are developed and manufactured here in the UK, so there are no worries regarding product availability.


In addition to paving joint compounds, we also manufacture a wide range of high-quality sealers and cleaning solutions for most types of surfaces such as driveways, patios, and floors. Our sealers are formulated to give lasting protection to imprinted concrete and other concrete surfaces.


Don’t forget to check out our other driveway solutions and chemicals we have on offer designed for patios, driveways and other outdoor surfaces including our wide range of high-quality cleaning solutions for most types of hard surfaces such as concrete driveways, outdoor patios and footpaths and our professional grade Swiss-Seal Invisi-Seal surface protector and our Swiss-Seal base coat colour change sealer.