Sealant Application Tools

Sealant Application Tools

Our range of specialist equipment to help you apply our range of patio and driveway sealers, protectors, mortar, or cleaning solutions


Here at Swiss Seal, we stock a variety of high-quality sealant application tools such as roller kits, brooms, and specially adapted sealer sprayers, and for your safety, we also offer a sealer application safety pack.


We provide a professional roller and tray set with a 15″ paint scuttle and a 12″ deep pile roller, extendable telescopic pole. This is an easy way of applying our sealing and cleaning solutions onto block paving, concrete, stone, and imprinted concrete pathways and drives.

Sealant Sprayers

A sealant sprayer we highly recommend at Swiss Seal is our 8 litre light pressure sprayer, which is designed and suitable for spraying all our different sealer solution options and is very easy to use, saving you a great deal of time when applying a driveway or patio sealer. The sprayer can also be easily cleaned and re-used and the Viaton solvent resistant rubber seals ensure it is durable and will last for many seasons of sealing your surfaces.


Don’t forget Swiss-Seal manufactures a wide range of sealers, cleaning chemicals, and protectors, so check out our other driveway solutions and chemicals we have on offer designed for patios, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces. These solutions include our wide range of high-quality cleaning solutions for most types of hard surfaces such as concrete driveways, outdoor patios, and footpaths and our professional grade Swiss-Seal invisi-seal surface protector, and our Swiss-Seal base coat colour change sealer.