Invisi-Seal Surface Protector Professional Grade – Water Based

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Invisi-Seal Professional Grade.
Formulated for High Traffic Areas.
Gives excellent resistance to most stains, including chewing gum, red wine, fat, oil and grease.
Does not alter the surface appearance of the paving and does not affect it’s anti-slip properties when wet.
Invisi-Seal Professional Grade is suitable for a wide variety of concrete and stone pavements surfaces.
The product is particularly suited to protecting Indian Stone, Block Paving and concrete/natural stone patio flags.
Water based, ready to use, easy to apply and non-yellowing.
Suitable for Indian Limestone.

Will last for up to 5 years before re-treatment.


1 litre treats 3 sq.metres

5 litres treats 15 sq.metres

10 litres treats 30 sq. metres

20 litres treats 55 sq. metres

25 litres treats 70 sq.metres

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