When should I use Invisible Patio Sealer?

When should I use Invisible Patio Sealer?

Invisible patio sealer is a versatile and protective coating that can extend the life of your patio. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of invisible patio sealer and the best times to use it

What is Invisible Patio Sealer?

Invisible patio sealer is a clear, protective coating that can be applied to concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces. The sealer forms a barrier against water, UV rays, and other elements that can damage and stain your patio. Unlike traditional sealers, invisible patio sealer is completely clear, while preserving the natural look of your patio providing protection.

You can apply invisible patio sealer to concrete, brick, stone, or pavers and will protect against moisture damage, ultraviolet rays, dirt and debris buildup, and environmental hazards.

Benefits of using Invisible Patio Sealer

There are many benefits to consider when using an invisible patio sealer. It is a great way to protect your patio from the elements while ensuring the patio still looks great. This product is easy to apply and relatively cheaper than alternatives.  

When to use Invisible Patio Sealer

  • After cleaning – if you’ve just cleaned your patio and want to keep it looking good for the future, an invisible patio sealer is a great option because it will protect your patio from future damage and keep it looking clean.
  • After staining/colouring – if you’ve recently stained or coloured your patio, you can apply a coat of invisible patio sealer which will help to protect the colour and prevent fading.
  • After repairs – If you’ve made recent repairs to your patio, you can utilise invisible patio sealer which ensures the repairs are protected from further damage.
  • Before the winter season – The perfect time to apply your sealer is between the spring and summer months and especially before winter arrives. If your patio is left unsealed prior to the winter months, your patio will absorb water when it rains or snow, and when the extreme cold temperatures arrive, the water can freeze which damages the structure of the patio and causes it to crack and splinter.

We supply an Invisi-Seal Surface Protector, which is incredibly strong when used on patios, where staining is very common such as wine spillages, grease, and oil splashes from products such as barbeques and other items from outdoor dining. Our sealer is clear and when applied correctly it leaves no visible difference to your patio or driveway.

You can even purchase our Professional Invisi-Seal Surface Protector which is perfect for a wide variety of concrete and stone paved surfaces.


Here at Swiss Seal, we believe an invisible patio sealer is a great investment for your patio, but should only be used when your patio needs to be sealed, and once applied most homeowners usually wait 3-5 years to re-apply the sealer.

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