Natural Stone Sealer

Natural Stone Sealer

Here at Swiss Seal, we supply many quality sealers, including the highly popular natural stone sealer. Our natural stone sealers are developed to provide long lasting protection for surfaces but also a strong colour enhancement as well for your driveways and patios.

A natural stone sealer is a product designed to protect the stone from the elements and enhance its appearance. We don’t need to tell you the ups and downs of the weather we get here in the UK, all we can say is your driveway or patio will take a lot of rainfall. It is expected your driveway/patio will change appearance as time goes by. Using Swiss Seal natural stone sealer on your surface is designed to maintain the stone as best as it can to make the stone look newer for the longest time possible.

The protection doesn’t just protect against bad weather, it’s also designed to protect against stains and spills. If a spillage occurs and sits on the natural stone for any period of time, the surface is most likely to absorb the liquid spilt which will harm the natural stone and is difficult to put right.

One sealer that is very popular here at Swiss Seal is the ‘Invisi-Seal Patio Protector. This product is a Flouro-chemical with fantastic properties such as its repellent qualities. It is an eco-friendly option, clear in colour and when applied correctly it leaves no visible difference on the patio or driveway. The product is particularly suited to protecting Indian Stone, Block Paving and Concrete/Natural Stone patio flags.

However, it is generally more expensive than other products, and can only be used on new or green products. In short, it cannot be used on a substrate that has already been sealed.

How to Clean Natural Stone with Invisi-Seal Surface Protector

  1. Firstly, dampen down the surface of the Natural Stone.
  2. Apply our Natural Stone Cleaner
  3. Leave for 2 – 4 hours then jet wash clean the surface area of the substrate then leave to dry.
  4. When the substrate is completed dry and the conditions for the day are warm enough (10’c) and the forecast is clear for the day apply the Invisi-seal Sealer with our adapted sprayer evenly as one coat only Roller and Brush can be used. (Only one coat is needed of this product – no more)
  5. Leave 24 hours before it can be trafficked on
  6. This process will last 2.5 – 3 years and then will need resealing

Swiss Seal provides alternative options to natural stone sealers with a gloss/satin finish for those of you who are not interested in purchasing the Swiss Seal invisi-sealer for patios. Gloss has a higher reflective level, in some cases twice as high as satin, which means it will highlight stains and marks more than a satin finish.

We would recommend every so often jet washing the surface, to remove moss, algae and other loose impediments that are sitting on the surface of the sealed area. Check out our other blogs for more information about the products we supply here at Swiss Seal. View here.

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