Driveway Sealers

Welcome to the Swiss Seal driveway sealers page.

As a specialist manufacturer and supplier of driveway sealants, here at Swiss Seal we have a vast range of sealing products, chemicals, solutions and accessories to cover your every requirement for sealing and protecting your driveway, regardless of whether it is made from block paving, imprinted concrete, concrete slabs, or tarmac.

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If you have recently laid a new driveway, or you are looking to breathe new life into your existing driveway, then here at Swiss Seal we would always recommend that you seal it using a specialist sealing product. Sealing your block paving or imprinted concrete driveway, using a driveway sealant will protect the stone against staining; block paving stones are porous and will absorb any liquid that rests on their surface and whilst this might not appear too concerning when considering rainwater, it becomes a much bigger problem when you consider oil that may leak from vehicles, or muddy feet walking up the drive.


Not only do you need to protect your driveway from excess liquid, but your driveway is also open to other elements including bird droppings, moss and weeds. Wet leaves can also cause staining and if left unprotected, these stains can be incredibly difficult to remove, which is another reason why we would always recommend that you use a specialist driveway sealer for your new driveway.


Sealing your driveway using a specialist driveway sealer for block paving, imprinted concrete, concrete slabs, or tarmac will not only protect it from staining but it will also help in the fight against the build-up of excessive moisture which can lead to frost damage and encourage algae and moss to grow.


Even if your driveway is a few years old, you can always clean it using one of Swiss Seal’s driveway cleaning products and then re-seal it with a driveway sealer to enhance the finish and bring it back to life.


Here at Swiss-Seal we manufacture a range of quality driveway sealers to suit your every need. All of our driveway sealers are created to give lasting protection for your block paving, imprinted concrete, and concrete slab driveway and are available in clear or tinted varieties, with a matt or gloss finish. Our clear products are designed to maintain the original colour of your driveway paving and are guaranteed to be non-yellowing. Our driveway sealer products for block paving, imprinted concrete, and concrete slabs are very simple to apply and are supplied ready to use, requiring no diluting or mixing.


If your driveway has a tarmac finish, then we also have the perfect driveway sealer products for tarmac, including renovators. The Swiss-Seal tarmac renovator is manufactured to create a hard-wearing, tough acrylic resin and has been developed for driveways in an array of colours including a red tarmac renovator, green, and black. Our tarmac renovators contain long-lasting fungicide for greater protection and are developed using high quality pigments.


At Swiss-Seal we also provide a large range of tools and accessories to assist you apply your driveway sealer or renovator.  One of our most popular accessories is the Professional Roller and Tray set which includes a 15″ paint scuttle, a 12″ deep-pile roller and even an extendable telescopic pole to help access those hard-to-reach areas. The set provides an easy way of applying our solutions onto block paving, concrete, stone, and imprinted concrete.


All of our driveway sealers are manufactured at our facility here in the United Kingdom and like with many other products, you get what you pay for so please don’t be influenced by what appear to be cheaper driveway sealers. These products will not provide the long-lasting protection that you will get from using Swiss-Seal professional-grade driveway sealers. Always check out the composition of low-grade cheaper alternatives and don’t fall into the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ trap!


At Swiss-Seal we don’t just manufacture and supply driveway sealers. We provide a full range of products designed for patios, paths, decking, artificial grass, and other outdoor surfaces, including our wide range of high-quality cleaning solutions for most types of hard surfaces such as driveways, patios and floors.


If you have any queries relating to our Swiss-Seal driveway sealers, of any of our other cleaning and sealing products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 01772 701474 – we look forward to hearing from you.