Water based Eco-Seal Sealer/Renovator

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Eco-Seal is the ideal, protective sealer/renovator for use on almost any porous surface. It is water-based and breathable!

Eco-Seal is Hydrophobic and Oleophobic, in other words it will protect against water and oil ingress into the paving surface.

Using up to date nano Water-Based Block Paving Cleaning Sealing Process technology, we at Swiss-Seal have formulated a long lasting, durable, environmentally friendly product for a wide variety of substrates.

Our proprietary formula is designed to protect natural stone, concrete, and masonry products. It will protect surfaces around your home from the destructive and damaging effects of rain and other natural environmental elements.

Eco-Seal protects surfaces from damage due to water, mould, dust, dirt, alkali, UV damage and more.

Ready to use. Easy to apply. Non-yellowing.


5 litres treats 20 sq.metres

10 litres treats 40 sq. metres

20 litres treats 80 sq. metres

25 litres treats 100 sq. metres



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Material Safety Data Sheet