What block paving sealers do Swiss Seal supply?

What block paving sealers do Swiss Seal supply?

Here at Swiss Seal, we stock many block paving sealers to help prevent weed growth and protect your block paving from oil stains.

Why should you seal your block paving?

If you’ve only just laid your driveway, we recommend holding off on sealing the driveway or patio until it’s at least three months old, as you could end up ‘sealing in’ dirt, debris, and stains on the surface.

Sealing your block paving will increase your driveway and patio’s life span. There are many sealants to choose from, but by choosing the best possible sealant, your block paving will last for years to come.

Benefits to sealing your block paving

Sealing your block paving can offer benefits such as reducing mould and moss growth. It’s likely, moss and mould will start to develop on your block paved surfaces, which is perfectly natural and won’t damage the surface you have sealed. It can be frustrating to see the moss and mould reoccur, but your only real option is to apply regular maintenance.

Another benefit of using a driveway sealant is that your surface will be much easier to clean. Sealants offer maximum protection against weathering, general dirt, and accidental spills. They are a significant application to help prevent water ingress alongside making the area much easier to clean and maintain.

Sealing your driveway and patio helps maintain the colour/texture of your driveway or patio. The colour and texture of your surface can be easily damaged with wear and tear, and a sealed driveway will assist with harsh weather conditions, especially when winter arrives.

What are the best sealants for sealing?

Here at Swiss Seal, we can provide you with the best products possible for the job you are about to undertake. Our block paving sealers are of the highest quality possible, which are perfect for most types of hard surfaces around the home and commercial premises, such as patios, driveways, or paths.

Our sealers are developed to provide lasting protection to patios and other surfaces including block paving and block paved area.
Our block paving sealers are produced in either coloured or clear formats and can be matt or gloss in their finish. They are all made to the best standards possible and are supplied and ready to use with no mixing or dilution.


We believe with block paving sealers; you get what you pay for. When you are deciding on which sealer to choose from, we recommend purchasing the more expensive sealer as the more you spend, the longer it will last. We have many years of experience researching, designing, and manufacturing block paving sealers of the highest quality for consumers and is a waste of time if you decide to spend money on a block paved driveway or patio, only to shorten its life by using inferior block paving sealers.

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