Clay Block Paving Sealer/Renovator

£39.95£104.95 EXCLUDING VAT


Hard wearing Acrylic co-polymer resins in virgin solvents.
Ready to use. Easy to apply. Non-yellowing.
Don’t be swayed by less expensive alternatives.
The high concentration of polymer in our Clay Block Paving Sealer delivers a hard-wearing finish.
With Sealers, you get what you pay for!

Excellent Oil & Water repellent

Will suppress further weed growth and locks the sand into the joints.


5 litres treats 15 sq.metres

10 litres treats 30 sq. metres

20 litres treats 55 sq. metres

25 litres treats 70 sq.metres

Additional Information
Application Process
Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet – Solvent Acrylic Sealers